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Aerial Filming Photography Helicopter Service Australia

Specialising in both still and motion photography, The Helicopter Service Melbourne media related operations include film, live tv, documentaries, expressive video work, commercials, aerial props, relief work for television companies and coverage of historical and large sporting .

Aerial professional still photography services:

Gollings and Associates
McKenzie and Associates

The Helicopter Service Australia works with many of Melbourne‚Äôs professional still photographers, the helicopter is the preferred aerial photographic platform for its versatility, safety, and reliability. The ability to hover ascend and descend over a fixed location and where applicable to fly with the door open or removed completely gives the photographer the ability to compose the perfect shot and deliver to the client a result above and beyond expectations.

Aerial Film, Video, Electronic News Gathering / Broadcast services:

Filming with Tyler middle mount & gyro pack
Live feed television of offshore powerboat race

The Helicopter Service Australia has for many years successfully provided aerial filming platforms.

The film industry is demanding more from its service providers to satisfy the audiences more than ever before. The Helicopter Service Australia has provided aerial coordination, equipment transfers, stunt flying and scouting services for many producers and directors.

Filming Ghost Rider over Melbourne

Company pilots have comprehensive working experience with all Wescam, Spacecam, Imax, Tyler, Continental, Cineflex HD mounts.

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