Frost Protection

Frost Protection Service – Frost Fighting – The Helicopter Service Australia
More economic losses occur due to frost damage in Australia than to any other weather related hazard.


If you are faced with the dilemma of having to hire a helicopter to try and save your expensive crops from frost damage, why not hire the helicopter with the edge on getting the job done?

Yes, a helicopter is beneficial when it comes to heat inversion for Frost Protection, but our fleet have their own mass air heater built-in! In regions that are susceptible to loses from the untimely onset of frost, our helicopters can be utilized on an as needed basis to protect valuable crops from damage and destruction. 

By using the rotor downwash to gently circulate the warm turbine exhaust air around the plants thus giving Frost Protection.The Helicopter Service Australia has a proven record of Frost Protection with savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars of produce.

A point of instance was where a vinuron employed The Helicopter Service for the protection of their estate during a particular severe frost event.

This resulted in the saving of the entire vintage, however the other estates in the region without the use of the helicopter Frost Protection service had a complete loss.

Our helicopters and pilots meet CASSA standards for Frost Protection and night flying. We have hand-held radios for ground to air communications .

All of our machines are fitted with GPS.The Helicopter Service has the most suitable helicopter fleet available for this important mission, allowing our pricing to be the most competitive available in most cases. 

The Helicopter Service Australia provides meticulously maintained helicopters for a wide variety of tasks our routine aerial services

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