Corporate Charter

Corporate Helicopter Charter
Melbourne’s Helicopter Service saves Businesses valuable time. The Helicopter Service provides Corporate Helicopter Charters and Corporate Transfers. As the nearest operator to Melbourne Airport we are ideally situated to cater for your Corporate requirements and business personal needs.The demands upon business executives today requires the productive use of your valuable time. There are times when you have to be in places that simply take too long to get to. This is where aircraft of The Helicopter Service Australia comes into its own.
Imagine arriving at that building site or out-of-town meeting without all the hassles of waiting in queues for rental cars or taxis, congested roads and stop lights. You arrive fresher, sooner, with the utmost privacy and security when you charter our aircraft, airconditioned 9-passenger Kawasaki BK117-B2 or the popular 4-passenger Bell Jet Ranger.

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Kawasaki BK117-B2Bell 206 III Jet RangerYou can connect direct from your interstate or international flight and be on your way in no time at all.

• Our Aircraft provide the Utmost privacy, security
• Complete flexibility
• More productive
• Suit your corporate schedule
• Arrive fresher, sooner
• Available for charter day or night  For All your Helicopter Requirements

If we are fully booked we’d recommend you try Microflite as they offer a premium service for good prices.

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