Aerial Services

Aerial Services – The Helicopter Service Australia
hovering-helicopter chopper over water

Helicopters are definitely one of the most flexible and adaptable of any flight capable vehicle on earth.
The helicopters capacity to perform many different rolls makes them one of the main machines, along with our expertly qualified and experienced flight crews and an expansive fleet of different aircraft classes from class A twin engined turbine to versatile single engined turbine gives The Helicopter Service Australia has the ability to undertake with safety any charter or aerial work as attested to our past experiences and record of service.
The Helicopter Service Australia provides meticulously maintained helicopters for a wide variety of tasks. Our routine aerial services include the following:
• Charter
• Scenic flights 
• Photography
• Filming
• Ambulance
• Firefighting 
• Viticulture services ( Frost protection ) 
• Aerial Crane work / Lifting upto 1,400kg on hook 
• Corporate transfers 
• VIP Transfers 
• Aerial survey/data capture 
• Remote tower construction
• Spotting aerial counting survey 
• Banner tows — Worlds largest flag
• Marine and rig transfers
• Remote supply drops
• Remote location crew transfers
• Power & pipeline inspections 
• Geophysical Surveys Minerals – Oil – Gas
• Search and Rescue (SAR)

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