Aerial Filming

Aerial Cinematography Helicopter Service Australia

The Helicopter Service Australia aerial cinematographic media related operations include movie production, television Live to air, documentaries, promotional video work, commercials, aerial props, relief work for television networks and coverage of historical and major sporting events.

Whether you are filming for the movies or the television media the results are the same operating safely and having the ability to interperate the requirements of the cinematographer are the attributes that all our pilots possess at the Helicopter Service Australia.

Aerial Film, Video:

One of Australia’s Leading and respected Aerial Filming Companies. The Helicopter Service Melbourne has for many years successfully provided aerial filming platforms for directors, producers, cameramen and cinematographers.

The filming industry is demanding more from its service providers to satisfy the audiences more than ever before. The Helicopter Service has provided aerial coordination, equipment transfers, stunt flying and scouting services for many producers and directors.

Electronic News Gathering / Broadcast services:

The Helicopter Service Australia own and operate an Ultramedia gyrostabilized Flir System for television

shot-from-helicopter helicopter-viewin-the-sky

•Extremely Stable – FLIR Systems is the world leader in aerial camera stability. The UltraMedia features 5-axes, microprocessor-controlled gyrostabilization technology.
•Highest Magnification – Capture more of the action in crisp, stunning detail from higher, safer altitudes without sacrificing wide angle performance.

Credits include:

 On The Beach 2000 IMDb 
Ghost Rider
Superman Returns 2006 IMDb
 Network Nine
Television Live to air :
 V8 Supercars 
2006 Commonwealth Games Melbourne
Tele Movies:
 Canal Road – 9 Network, Helifilms  IMDb
Michelin tyres
Tourism Victoria
Hyundai Motors
Major Events:
 2006 Commonwealth Games Melbourne The Helicopter Service provided the aerial platform for Helifilms Australia . Filming all the air to ground live to air ( tv ) High Definition Vision using the Cineflex High Definition Camera System
Company pilots have comprehensive working experience with all Wescam, Spacecam, Imax, Tyler, Continental, Cineflex HD mounts.

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