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Lifting! Helicopters can be more versatile than a mobile crane.
The Helicopter Service Australia is able to offer aerial lifting at a very competitive rate when comparing to crane hire and standby / set-up rates. From air-conditioning installations to all types of duct work, our helicopter fleet is able to get the job done quicker, safer and above all cheaper for your business.

Other benefits using The Helicopter Service Australia for this type of task include a comprehensive fleet of aircraft with hook lifting payloads up to 1,300kg, fast cruise speed of 235 kph. to locate at the job faster, large sliding door for easy in flight viewing operations, and any or all doors off configurations can be met, dependant on the weight of the payload.The helicopter is environmentally friendly as they leave no trace of them having been there.The job is completed faster with savings of time and money.

As well as this we can offer all necessary approved equipment and safety gear for the required job..

The Helicopter Service Australia pilots operating the aircraft have logged in excess of 16,000 flying hours of aerial work experience, and regularly conduct all types of operations, with precision and efficiency.
View Some of The Helicopter Service Australia aerial crane operations in Australia:
• Aerial lifting Loy Yang Power Station
• Aerial crane, tight lift into back yard Toorak Melbourne 
• Aerial lifting of long line bird net install aquaculture
• Airconditioner install inner city building 
• Aerial lifting of a flag pole #1 Queens Road Melbourne 
• Aerial crane Tasmania Cradle Mountain Bridge build 
• Air Crane – Airconditioner install new factory
• Lifting in Remote Area Construction 

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