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The Helicopter Service Australia is idealy located at Essendon Airport Melbourne just 7 Km from Melbourne International Airport Tullamarine and 10 Km from Melbourne city Corporate Helicopter landing pads ( only 6 Min flying time). We are also a short ride from Geelong as well.

The Helicopter Service Australia provides meticulously maintained helicopters for a wide variety of tasks including:

• Corpoate Helicopter Charter
• Scenic Flight Charter 
• Aerial Photography Helicopter Charter
• Aerial Filming
• Ambulance 
• Firefighting 
• Viticulture services ( Frost protection )
• Aerial Crane work
• Corporate Helicopter Transfers
• VIP Helicopter Transfers

Corporate Airport Transfers by Helicopter Charter is available from the City and most suburbs, direct to airlines.The Helicopter Service Australia operates scenic flights over Melbourne. See scenic Melbourne as never before, our scenic flights at 1000 feet over Melbourne is an unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Melbourne.
We also cater for extended scenic flights over the Yarra Valley and along the Great Ocean Road

Operating 24 hours a day The Helicopter Service Australia is available for corporate charter the only helicopter charter company in Melbourne with a night charter certificate as at 9-4-07..

Fire fighting helicopter services are something we can offer on a seasonal basis and can be hired out by either government or private businesses/individuals. We have several aircraft within our fleet that are available for these jobs and we also supply the pilot, fuel, and can arrange clearances with local aviation authorities to ensure we have full legal access to airspace when needed.

Our aircraft will need to make continuous refill runs with water from local sources, either dams, rivers or artificial reservoirs can all be used, water quality is generally not an issue either.

Another area of specialty for us is the use of helicopters for aerial photography and filming. Whether this be for private use, scientific research, agricultural, construction mining needs we can accommodate your needs and ensure you get the footage you need, in the time frame required.

Weather may be an issue as well as time of day so you may need to keep several days free to ensure that you’re available to film when the conditions are right. Our aircraft fleet will be kept available during this time so that when the right conditions are there we get you into the air asap.

Our helicopters are also suitable for construction projects and can be used in situations where a crane is unsuitable for certain lifts. We have several aircraft in our fleet that can offer this service and they can perform heavy lifts up to certain limits. We arrange all flight permits and certificates required as we may be flying in narrow populated spaces. We will only perform these jobs when the weather is perfect as a slight breeze and a heavy load can play havoc with a helicopters dynamics, especially more dangerous in built up areas and low altitude maneuvers.

We are also able to offer air ambulance lifts in certain situations, obviously these are emergency situations where time is short so it will depend whether we have a chopper available and fueled or not. We have specialist medical flight crews available who can be summoned at short notice and all our flight crew are trained in basic medical evacuation procedures.
We can accept jobs both at high altitude and also over water and will work in conjunction with local authorities and co-ordinate with nearby hospitals to ensure patients are transported to the closest available facilities.

Helictoper service Australia is also proud to offer frost protection services. Image you’re a farmer with crops that are being damaged by winter frost, you could lose millions of dollars of stock. An alternative to this is the use of a helicopter frost protection service. This is where a helicopter is flown at low altitude over your crops at low speed and the heat and draft from the engines and blades removes the frost, and warm the air giving your crops a chance to survive. This procedure is effective, safe and proven to work and is authorized and approved by all government bodies.

We are proud to work in partnership with Pro Tree Services Geelong, if you’re ever in need of Tree Removal In Geelong contact them for a free quote.

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